The Importance of a Mobile-Centered Strategy

Among the top important things needed for a successful marketing campaign is essentially a “marketing measuring stick.”


A positive ROI is obviously key, but don’t forget to outline a process that will help you meet your objectives. Like every other expense, you shouldn’t proceed with a marketing program unless you expect a positive return on investment (ROI). But marketing programs don’t lend themselves to easy ROI calculations. It’s difficult to assign a precise value to the outcomes of certain marketing programs, like those intended to favorably influence brand perceptions or generate word of mouth. We all know they’re important, but what are those really worth?




The problem that is a common one amongst marketing managers country-wide: while brand recognition and loyalty are all important, there’s no way to easily measure this. So how can brands monitor the return on their investment while ensuring positive brand recognition? Easy – a mobile first approach.



The benefits of a mobile local area marketing campaign are clear:



  • You can increase brand loyalty by forming an unprecedented and welcomed form of contact between your brand and your customers.


  • You can see some of the highest levels of ROI from any marketing form before. Mobile marketing, and text message marketing specifically, yields response rates of 12-68% (much higher than the standard 1-2% response rate of a print or mailer campaign, and 3-5% response rate of standard email campaigns) and an ROI of up to 250%. And those aren’t generalized industry numbers, that’s what our clients see and expect on a month to month basis.


  • From POS integration to standard tally sheets, having employees ask to see a text message or mobile coupon offers some of the easiest and effective tracking available to marketers.


The benefits of a mobile-first campaign are clear, but what brands have to lose by not adopting mobile is often overlooked. With the adoption of mobile campaigns across the marketing industry, and the high expectations of consumers, the question has shifted from “should we integrate mobile into our campaign?” to “how do we best integrate a mobile campaign.”



Mobile marketing offers a unique powerhouse previously unseen by marketing mediums, and each day we learn the power that mobile and social marketing has when grouped together, which is why we preach a mobile first approach to each of your marketing plans. To learn more about what Automotive Mobile Solutions offers, and to see how your dealership can gain more customers by integrating mobile marketing, contact us today.




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