The Stats on Holiday Mobile Marketing


What’s your holiday marketing strategy?


Holiday time for retailers means a big time rush.  Most importantly, retailers need to have a good holiday marketing strategy and it should also include mobile marketing.  Check out the statistics on a recent survey on mobile marketing and see why your business shouldn’t miss out!  Make sure you plan for 7% of your marketing budget to be spent on mobile.

1. About 40% of consumers use a smartphone.

2. More than half (52.6%) plan on using their smartphone as a tool for their holiday shopping.

3. 31% will use mobile to research and compare.

4. 15.6 % of consumers will research or complete a purchase using a smartphone app.

5. 17.3% will redeem coupons by their mobile devices.

6. A little over 14% of smartphone users will choose to make a purchase on it.

7. 10.5% of those surveyed own a tablet.

8. 70.5% of tablet owners plan to use it to research products.

9. 34.8% say they will make a purchase on their tablet.

10. 39% of owners plan to visit social networks or discount operators before purchasing.

11. 25.1% will use their device to find a retailer’s information, such as location and hours.

12. 72.2% of American ages 18-24 will use their smartphone to holiday shop this year.

13. 86.4% of Americans aged 18-24 will use thier tablet for purchases this holiday season.

14. As of 7 p.m. et on black Friday 2011, 17.04% of consumers used a mobiel device to visit a retialer’s website.

15. As of 7 p.m. et on black Friday 2011, 9.51% of consumers made a purchase using thei mobile device.

16. 21 million, or 36% of surveyed consumers plan on making a purchase directly from thei mobiel devices.

17. It is predicted that online shoppers will buy 1 in 4 gifts from their mobile.

The stats show that mobile is the furture of marketing.  At a minimum, 40% of the population are walking around with a mobile device that holds the power of a personal shopper.  They will use it to research infor about your buisness and products!

Are you making use of mobile for your brand?

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