Auto Shoppers vs Service Buyers Via Mobile


Are you more likely to use your mobile device for car shopping or buying automotive service and parts?


This fascinating report from Mobile Marketer is one we want to share with you on how mobile use varies within the category based on user needs and intent (though by one metric the automotive category has a 51% conversion rate from a mobile lead).


The xAd/Telemetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study revealed that the mobile users for the automotive category are a diverse group made up of auto shoppers doing their research  and auto parts/service buyers with an immediate need to purchase.


This report showed some interesting statistics on mobile users in general:  68% Caucasian and are 64% male with a household income of $50,000 to $100, 000.  Auto vehicle researchers have slightly higher incomes between $75,000 to $100,000 with slightly more focus on search, rather than general research for auto information and manufacturer sites.  Dealer hunters are typically non-Caucasian with average income levels.  Emergency users tend to be Caucasian females who are looking for quick access, along with other informational statistics.


Informational based sites such as and are the most popular among general mobile auto searches, reaching a total of 8% of mobile auto shoppers.  As to information on specific stores, location is the most often searched with 44% of auto searchers looking up a business location or directions.  Right behind location information,  43% of mobile automotive searchers are looking for price information.



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