3 Corrections For Mobile Marketers


Jason Wells, CEO of ContactPoint discusses what three things mobile marketers are doing wrong.  I thought they were so on point, I’d like to share them.  Note:mobile marketing is continuing to grow at a fast pace.  Google states that mobile search will blow pass desktop search by the end of 2013 and mobile marketing spend will increase by more than 5x in the next 6 years.  Mobile marketing is still in its infancy, and according to Wells, these are three of the biggest mobile marketing blunders:


1. Wrong Metrics:  It is an accepted and known fact that mobile marketing produce phone calls.  Google and xAd report that 50% of mobile searches result in phone calls.   BIA/Kelsey report that by 2016, mobile marketing will account for 70 billion phone calls, from 20 billion today.  With that being said, mobile marketers shouldn’t measure with click-through-rate, abandon rate, web leads, and time-on-site, instead, they should be tracking metrics surrounding phone calls.  Ironically, this important data is being unused by most mobile marketers.


2. Bad Mobile Pages:  A mobile landing page is different from a desk top landing page.  Lots of form feeds and content should not be used on mobile landing page.  Instead, liberal use of  ‘Call Now’ buttons, a tap-able phone number, and possibly a location feature should be include on a mobile site.  Mobile landing pages should go by the “less is more” theory on content, one form feed at most.


3. Don’t Go By Google for Measurement:  Google charges mobile click-to-call advertisers for every call their ads generate.  The problem that occurs is not all “taps” from a mobile device result in phone calls and not all phone calls are real calls.  Some are accidental clicks or are not qualified leads.  ContactPoint’s research reports that about 50% of the calls Google says are call are actually calls.  Less than 15% are good, qualified leads.  Case in point, most defiantly integrate mobile in the mix for effective marketing campaigns but do not rely on Google to report your mobile call metrics.



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