Range Rover Goes Interactive

Have you ever driven a Range Rover?



Well if you haven’t, you don’t have to go to the car dealer just yet.  You can experience driving on and off-road with a new interactive mobile application by Range Rover.  This app is available through iPhone and iPad devices.  So if you are curious about Range Rover’s new model and all it’s capabilities, take a test drive in the comfort of your home.



Here’s a article from Luxury Daily on May 6, 2013.



Land Rover is using a mobile application to showcase its new vehicle and let consumers experience it through an eight-stage interactive journey from four synced camera angles.



The Trail Less Traveled app is available for iPhone and iPad devices. The app enables users to take a journey with the Range Rover vehicle, explore its on-road and off-road capabilities and experience the numerous interior and exterior.



“For over 65 years, Land Rover has been a pioneer in the auto industry by exploring new ways to help take people places in a way that other vehicles simply cannot. The Trail Less Traveled app is meant to showcase this spirit that is inherent to our brand,” said Kim McCullough, brand vice president of Land Rover North America.



On-road capabilities


According to Land Rover, the Trail Less Traveled app is meant to showcase the spirit that is inherent to its brand.



The app includes on-road and off-road capabilities, combined with a collection of interior and exterior refinements.



Through the app, users can explore the fourth-generation Range Rover, inside and out, through an eight-stage interactive journey from any of four camera angles — simultaneously.



The app takes the driver through scenery, then switches instantly from wide camera angles to tight close ups and even the driver’s point-of-view, all to provide an authentic Range Rover driving experience.



Furthermore, users can select their own route through an interactive map, advance to different stages of the journey and even pause the experience to explore pictures and videos of the latest engineering advancements in the vehicle.



Consumers can also choose their own perspective, soundtrack and ending.



Land Rover worked with Wunderman, Y&R and Blast Radius on the mobile initiative.



Mobile engagement


Over the past few years, Land Rover has been revving up its mobile offerings.



In 2011, the company’s advertising campaign within News Corp.’s The Daily iPad application surpassed 52,000 impressions, and one out of every two consumers who viewed the app engaged with the luxury automaker’s ad.



Most recently, Land Rover tapped Apple’s iAd to introduce its Range Rover Evoque compact SUV, with results showing that engagement rates for the mobile ads exceeded other platforms.



“Moreover, the app is a tool that we know will resonate with our owners and enthusiasts as they are tech-savvy and intensively active social-media users,” Ms. McCullough said.

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