Is Your Brand Part of The Mobile Phenomenon?



CNN Money | March 3, 2014 

Apple launches a major initiative at the Geneva International Motor show.  Mercedes, Ferrari, and Volvo all demo Apple’s CarPlay. |Read the article >>


Mobile Marketing Watch | March 3, 2014  

The North Face brand was sitting out on the mobile marketing before but now is a major proponent. |Read the article >>


Reuters | March 3, 2014

Automakers are tapping smartphone technology to get an edge in the market and entice tech-savvy smartphone owners. |Read the article >>


Mobile Commerce Daily | March 4, 2014

The new American Express everyday Card makes mobile the key focus to target busy multitaskers on the go. |Read the article >>



eMarketer | March 4, 2014 

In a February study, “superior product quality” was on the top of the list for U/S/ marketers. |Read the article >>


Mobile Marketing Watch | March 4, 2014

According the Gartner, global tablet sales have increased 68% in  one year. Read the article >>


Mobile Marketer | March 3, 2014

Bad mobile ads are damaging brands perception and performance.

Read the article >>


Marketing Interactive | March 3, 2014

The how-to on using augmenting reality which is all the buzz in the mobile marketing world. | Read the article >




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