The Facebook Mobile Ad Opportunity

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Facebook boasts an impressive 556 million daily active mobile users and counting on its platform. The fact is consumers are spending more and more time on mobile devices – both tablets and smartphones – and these devices are becoming powerful touch points to reach consumers in more than just “on-the-go” mentality. Marketers must seize the opportunity to capture and engage potential consumers across mobile devices, and the opportunity is prime for Facebook mobile.



Here’s what you need to know about Facebook mobile advertising.



Format Basics



Take advantage of the ad types that can run on the mobile news feed, such as: page post, page like, event, and offer ads. During 2013, Facebook made many enhancements to its ad formats, increasing consistency and improving visual engagement. The top ad types for mobile now all feature larger images to entice people to click in the mobile news feed so ensure your creative is relevant and engaging. Follow the recommendations for character length and image size, and as you spend more time analyzing your program, develop your own best practices and optimize your images and messages to strike an optimal balance.



Powerful Targeting



The rich account information available on social networkers gives companies like Facebook a big advantage in audience targeting, delivering ads based on the personal profiles, likes and interests, and social behaviors.



On Facebook mobile, you can target specific operating systems and device types. You can even get as granular as targeting by minimum OS version to ensure you’re reaching users whose software is compatible with your app and define whether the ad should be shown only when the device is connected via Wi-Fi.



Leverage Custom Audiences to get even more granular to reach specific users. You can use existing customer lists to drive mobile activity from your current customer base. Or you might use mobile custom audiences to target specific users that have taken certain actions in a desired time period – like those who have made a purchase in the last 30 days.



By knowing your way around Facebook’s mobile environment, you’ll be poised to win big on the mobile advertising front in 2014 and beyond.




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