Mercedes-Benz Celebrates Instagram Milestone With Video Series

Automaker Mercedes-Benz has just reached an Instagram milestone with a million followers and is celebrating with a video series by the Indian artist Amshu Chukki.


Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class is shown in a washed-out, barren landscapeon the Instagram video sereis. Instagram factors heavily into the brand’s social media strategy, perhaps even more so than other automakers.



“Instagram is platform to humanize the brand and showcase what the brand represents,” said Kyle Wong, CEO of Pixlee, San Francisco. “This could be through behind the scenes shots or photos taken by actual customers.”


Mr. Wong is not affiliated with Mercedes-Benz but is an industry expert.




Meditate on Mercedes-Benz



The six brief Instagram videos called “Alchemy of the Star” paint a somber portrait of the GLA model and sometimes have a post-apocalyptic feel, with scratchy footage capturing the black-and-white landscape. The series aims to get viewers to contemplate the car in different ways with inert camera angles and silence which also provide the somber atmosphere.


Mr. Chukki said that “the presence of the car is an intrusion in the landscape like a moving photo,” which may explain the eerie feel.






Mercedes-Benz USA inserts fresh perspectives into its Instagram feed by allowing social influencers, journalists and team members to create content for the account for designated periods.



Thank You


Mercedes’ use of art as a celebratory tool highlights the artistic qualities of the brand and its automobiles.  Mercedes-Benz reached 15 million Facebook fans and celebrated its accomplishment through art.



Other automakers have thanking fans for contributing to milestones.


Jaguar Land Rover North America celebrated reaching 1 million Facebook likes with a video that features employees sharing stories and expressing gratitude.  Bentley Motors engraved the names of 25,000 fans on its factory wall in Crewe, England.


While each automaker’s expression of gratitude is different, they all understand that a dedicated and active social media audience helps to improve brand image and attract more fans, hence increasing business.





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