4 Mobile Holiday Must-Haves to Maximize Engagement

holiday couponUsability is important for everything, but for low-commitment mobile experiences, it is life or death.

In other words, we will never get to engagement if we do not eliminate friction. Friction in mobile experiences is deadly. Let us consider ways to eliminate friction as we enter the holiday season.

1.) Coupon delivery options. Forty-two percent of consumers report that they will leave the store without purchasing if they forget a coupon at home. Provide options to text, email or add a coupon to Passbook/Google wallet for easy, friction-less retrieval from a phone.



2.) Loyalty card retrieval. Another coupon option is to auto load it into the user’s loyalty card. Setting up this functionality helps marketers link email address to a treasure trove of location and purchase data. Make it super easy to retrieve my card however I choose – in your app via PIN access or in Passbook/Google wallet.




3.) Offers for the unengaged. As a wise marketer once said, “Our biggest challenge as marketers is to scale our programs for the unengaged.” The largest slice of your customers have not signed up for email, are not members of your rewards program and do not have or use your app.  Keep them in store with a text-to-get offer: text to get a coupon, or free gift with purchase. This low-cost, low-friction effort requires only signage and an SMS platform. Best of all, those who text in can be invited to join your SMS program for regular offers, having experienced the benefits first hand.




4.) SMS error review. Speaking of SMS, are you checking to see which MO messages result in MT error messages? Are keywords too long or are your instructions unclear? Look for common mistakes and adjust your instructions or responses. “Please try again” is probably creating, rather than eliminating, friction.




USABILITY, USABILITY, usability. It is another word for a frictionless experience. It is not bleeding edge, it is not sexy, but do you want an inviting, well-organized home, or neatly labeled file folders?  The onslaught on holiday messaging is upon us.

If your mobile experience is not simplicity itself, there is no shortage of options.

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