Mobile Can Boost Brand Awareness




Research shows that mobile can lift brand awareness up to 50%.  Mobile is considered a direct response medium after all.



Research was conducted by Havas Media Group and Sky Media.  These companies combined to analyse real world campaigns from finance brand Nationwide and Domino’s.  They performed this study alongside a lab-based control test featuring the Birds Eye frozen food brand.


The goal was to look at the best way of measuring mobile effectiveness in the absence of cookies.  The results showed, MediaTel reported, that brand awareness increased by 54% after mobile consumers had seen ads from the aforementioned businesses.


Combined brand perception across all three brands showed a 13% uplift from the non-exposed to the exposed group of respondents.


The lab tests featured native mobile ads, which are not currently widely served and were found to be “more relevant and engaging” than standard banner ads due to causing less irritation but still achieved strong cut-through.

Formats and creative embodied fun with interactive elements were also more likely to cut through and drive action.



The mood and the mindset of the consumer can be a major factor in driving message absorption and is sometimes not on the advertiser’s mind.  The research found, for example, that call to action increased by 70% for those who were more enthusiastic and excited at the point of ad exposure to the Birds Eye banner.



“There is no question of the importance of mobile devices to consumers which in turn translates to brands, making research into mobile effectiveness never more important,” said Sorcha Garduce, digital insight director at Havas Media.

Brands “can utilise mobile advertising as part of their communications strategy to influence both ‘soft’ and ‘hard‘ brand metrics, moving consumers along their brand journey,” she added.



David Fisher, Sky Media’s head of futures, advised brands to consider using more advanced high impact and native formats. “This research is evidence that exciting new format opportunities in the right environment can deliver vastly enhanced brand metrics,” he said.






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