No One Should Have Been Caught Off Guard For Google’s “Mobilegeddon”




Last week, Google put fear in the hearts of marketers everywhere by updating its algorithm and elevating mobile-optimized sites while penalizing those that aren’t mobile-ready.



Marketers braced for the looming changes this past month and you could almost feel a sense of panic in the air, as though Google’s latest update was legitimately catching many off guard.



Jared Reitzin, CEO of mobileStorm was one who was definitely not caught off guard.


In a must-read post to his company’s Digital Marketing Blog this week, Reitzin bares all and doesn’t mince words with those cowering in fear of Google’s “Mobilegeddon.”

“We’ve been talking about mobile for the better part of the last fifteen years at mobileStorm, all along warning people that they need a strategy,” Reitzin explains. “And as the years passed, that need became more and more apparent. As of this writing, we are now at 70% smartphone penetration and still climbing. 99% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes. 50% of app usage is driven by push notifications. And more people now access the net through apps than mobile browsers. Consequently, when Google announced its latest update, it certainly shouldn’t have caught anyone off guard. So if you don’t yet have a mobile strategy, what in the hell are you thinking?”



In this post, Reitzin does more than just make marketers look in the mirror and reflect on their inaction. He also helps them look to the future by outlining what can, should, and must be done to survive Mobilegeddon.





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