Moms Have Become The Best Digital Shoppers






If mom is on the phone-don’t bother her!  She is most likely purchasing something for you.



Research is suggesting that the digital age has “reshaped how mothers research and purchase products more so than general population.”


According to March, 2015 analysis by Experian Marketing Services, its poll of online Moms indicates that about seven in 10 said the internet had changed the way they got information about products and services. Furthermore, 55.1 percent said it had reshaped how they shopped.


“Fully 44.5 percent also reported that they were doing more shopping on the internet than before — possibly because they were strapped for time,” noted eMarketer. “Pricing also came into play, as 44.3 percent of mothers showroomed and 36.7 percent used their mobiles to search for local deals while shopping.”



BabyCenter and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) which discovered that 55 percent of U.S. millennial mother internet users took care of more than one-quarter of their shopping digitally.



“Mothers surveyed by Experian were also more interested in mcommerce than general consumers,” added eMarketer. “When asked about their attitudes toward mcommerce and mobile ads, nearly one-fifth of mothers said they were likely to purchase products seen advertised on their mobile phones, vs. 12.6 percent of total consumers. (And) more than one-quarter said they would accept ads sent to their mobile phones if they received something of value in exchange. This compares with 18.3 percent of the total population who said the same.”


Looks like mother knows best!



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