Make It Personal! It Drives Engagement And Conversions



“Let’s get personal” should be your motto if you want to get close to your consumer.

According to a polling from the CMO Council in June 2015, higher response and engagement rates are the No. 1 reason to use personalized content. It was the only benefit cited by more than half of the senior marketers worldwide that responded to the survey.


“But many other benefits had solid followings backing them up,” noted eMarketer in its report on the polling. “Just under half of respondents said personalized or enriched content made for more timely and relevant interactions — which, presumably, are themselves a way of boosting response and engagement rates. More than two in five also agreed that personalized content converted more customers.”


Of course there are challenges to personalized content and creative, however the rise of programmatic is driving greater use of it.

Nurullo Makhmudov, the director of online user experience and strategic initiatives at Sears Canada, told eMarketer that the retailer had extensive capabilities to serve relevant marketing messages to shoppers on its site.


“When we are serving back to the consumer the same products that they are interested in or had researched, it provides a reminder and a comfort of convenience of access,” he explained. “Or, it’s an invitation to come back and finalize your purchase. In that sense, it becomes a highly personalized and individualized execution.”





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