What Is The Best and Most Personalized Way To Advertise On Mobile?

Advertisers have worried themselves about the wording and imagery for banner ads and popups, and equally consumers have become frustrated with their efforts.


In a recent press release, Quixey, the app search engine startup announced that it would be rolling out a new type of in-app advertisement for retailers called “Deep View Cards.”  In a fight to create a more personalized and natural experience for consumers, Tomer Kagan, cofounder and CEO of Quixey, explained how Deep View Cards will do away with standard blanket mobile ads and replace them with promotions from other apps that incorporate users’ data and locations.


“Deep View Cards allow advertisers to better engage consumers with mobile apps — and it’s working,” Kagan said. “We’re now serving over 60 million impressions of Deep View Cards per month. This is the evolution of deep linking that marketers have been waiting for — to not just deliver a static ad with a deep link but to generate dynamic ads featuring functionalities from apps at scale.”


“[Deep View Cards] represent everything the mobile experience should be for users — easy, relevant, native and at users’ fingertips when they need them most,” Deep Katyal, senior director of product innovation at Opera Mediaworks, said as part of Quixey’s statement.


Quixey’s new approach to mobile advertising does include some inherent challenges, The Wall Street Journal reported. Since Deep View Cards can advertise products sold through apps users may not have yet, they have to download that app to complete purchases — a significant obstacle when mobile commerce is moving toward a smooth transition from path to purchase.




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