Audi and BMW Are Transforming Businesses By Leveraging Digital




Brands that want to stay relevant need to embed digital into all aspects of their organization, as principal Forrester analyst reports.  Audi, BMW, and Burberry are ahead of the competition by finding innovative ways to transform their business model.  This means digital must be used to improve operations and increase worth for consumers.



If a brand wants to participate in the digital revolution, they must restructure their organization as a whole.  Customer experiences will be incomplete with digital if changes are not matched with operational adjustments.  Audi is an example of a brand using a holistic approach.



The automaker created a purely digital showroom in the United Kingdom.  Consumers interact with the brand solely through touchscreens with vehicles are present.




This dealer has become the most lucrative in the country and can hypothetically provide Audi with useful consumer information that can be used to optimize touchpoints elsewhere. For example, based on how consumers use the dealer touchscreens, Audi can prioritize functions on their apps.



The Forrester executive also discussed BMW’s car ownership “Drive Now” app that emphasizes a digital first experience. Users are able to share their vehicles via the app. Functions such as payments, locking and unlocking and locating the nearest BMW can all be handled through the app.


It has been said that brands can be divided into four categories: digital dinosaurs, digital connectors, digital operator and digital master.


Your brand should strive to be a digital master, one who address all parts of a business, ensuring great customer experience and efficient operations.





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