Automotive Mobile Solutions provides mobile marketing innovations for the automotive industry. It’s all we do and we do it well. Let us navigate your mobile marketing success!


Did You Know?



  • More people in the world own a mobile device than a toothbrush.

(Source: Mobile Marketing Association)


  • 91% of all mobile phone users have their phones within arm’s reach 24/7.

(Source: Morgan Stanley)


  • By 2013, smartphones will be the primary way people access the Internet.

(Source: Gartner)


The Internet hit with a huge impact. In a short time, mobile devices are expected to overwhelm computer-accessed Internet. Attempt to reach the twenty-something demographic. Text trumps talk, every time.


The correct mobile marketing tools are essential to success. Put power in the pocket of today’s on-the-go consumers. It’s where their phones are, not their computers.


Automotive Mobile Solutions was founded by auto industry veterans who each have more than thirty years in the business.




Our Inspiration


Today’s consumer expects the convenience of immediate information. Mobile commerce – searching, shopping, and initiating automotive sales and services on a mobile device – is a force of the future. Already, consumers use smartphones more than computer-based Internet searches to shop for goods and services.


Automotive retailers deserve the most effective, innovative technology. At the lowest cost. A user-friendly mobile presence is vital to thrive as a car dealership of the future. We commit to satisfying the mobile commerce need so auto retailers can put the sale in the palm of their hands.




Cost-effective & the Latest Technology: How We Do It


We focus on one thing: Providing the automotive industry with the most advanced mobile retail solutions in the business. We monitor the trends and keep our clients at the forefront, today and tomorrow.


Automotive Mobile Solutions partnered with a pure mobile technology company. We generate effective mobile Web sites, customized smartphone apps, Dealer TextChatâ„¢ (an auto-industry first), text-message marketing, window sticker texting, “Send2Phone” technology, and customized QR codes. We pioneer mobile technology trends.


By going direct, we eliminate greedy giant resellers with high mark-ups. Many dealers pay excessive fees by using specialized technology-development companies. We recognize superior technology and bring it straight to our industry at a reasonable cost. Our efforts strictly focus on advancing innovative mobile solutions for car dealerships.




Our Mission


Automotive Mobile Solutions strives to serve the industry with cost-effective, cutting-edge mobile marketing technology. We continuously advance our tools so our clients can make the sale.




What We Offer (Evolving List)

  • Customized apps
  • Mobile-friendly Web sites
  • Dealer TextChatâ„¢
  • Text-message marketing
  • Window sticker texting
  • “Send2Phone” technology
  • Customized QR codes


Every automotive dealer needs these tools to survive and prosper. Contact us now to launch your business into the future.


Automotive Mobile Solutions … Driving automobile dealers into the future with mobilized marketing. Let us navigate your mobile marketing success!