Do you love Porsche, why not a Porsche Smartphone?

We love this information on Porsche and their latest campaign from Luxury Daily.


Porsche Design wants to target Smartphone users with their new branded Blackberry P9981 Smartphone which is now available only at London-based department store Harrods.   “Porsche drivers are among the most loyal automobile owners in the world,” said Jeff Hasen, chief marketing officer of Hipcricket, Seattle. “It makes sense that some brand enthusiasts would want their phones to be Porsche-branded, especially since it will sell in Porsche boutique stores.”


This posh Smartphone set you back $2,000, and is exclusive offering of Porsche design.  This phone has plenty of state of the art features, including the Wikitude world Browser, an augmented reality app that explores what’s around you, such as restaurant locations and reviews.  It also integrates with Blackberry messenger so that users can find out if their contacts are close by.  The phone also has a Porsche Design PIN number so that P’9981 users can identify other P’9981 users (just in case what they are driving doesn’t identify them).



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