How Much Are US Consumers Watching Videos On Their Smartphones?






eMarketer reports:


“Nearly a quarter of US smartphone users said they viewed TV shows or movies on their devices daily. But more than a third said they never did, according to research.”


“In Q4 2015, US consumers were polled on how often they watched video on their smartphones by 451 Research, an independent technology-industry analyst company.”


“Of those surveyed, most said they never watched TV shows or movies (36%). However, 24% of respondents said they viewed videos daily. But most interesting, 17% said they tried to watch once or twice.”


“Dislikes aside, US consumers are watching more and more video on their smartphones. According to a separate study, average daily time spent watching digital video on mobile surpassed desktop for the first time in 2015.”


“Advertisers are closely following this shift in video consumption, and revising their budgets accordingly. eMarketer estimates that executives will increase mobile video ad spend by 47.0%, and desktop by 17.5% in 2016 over the prior year. And, don’t count out advertisers’ increased interest in selling and buying mobile video programmatically.”





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