In Germany, Automotive Firms Are The Biggest Digital Advertisers




The automotive industry in Germany spent €385 million ($421 million) on online advertising in 2015, up from €366 million ($410 million) in 2014.  According to a March 2016 report by Nielsen, this is the most any industry spent in 2015, Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) and Online-Vermarkterkreis (OVK).



eMarketer reports:


“2014’s top digital ad industry in Germany, retail and mail order, spent €392 million ($439 million) on online ads in 2015, up from €310 million ($347 million) the prior year.”


“In terms of display formats, ad bundles, meanwhile, proved to be the most popular, with spending at €472 million ($536 million) in 2015, although that figure was down slightly from 2014, when spending reached €507 million ($575 million).”


“Pre-roll video ad spending, meanwhile, skyrocketed, from €276 million ($313 million) in 2014 to €379 million ($430 million) in 2015, the biggest jump of any ad format in the top 10 in Germany. Wallpaper advertising, while still in the top three, fell the furthest, from a 2014 spend of €390 million ($442 million) to a 2015 spend of €312 million ($353 million).”


“Mid-roll video advertisements, meanwhile, have made modest strides, from a €62 million ($69 million million) 2014 spend to a 2015 spend of €72 million ($80 million). Post-roll ad spending has also increased slightly.”


“eMarketer estimates digital ad spending in Germany will reach $5.85 billion this year, up 5.3% over 2015 levels. Display advertising in particular will see $2.16 billion in outlays this year, we estimate.”




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