Jaguar Land Rover Focuses On Technology With Wearable App



British automaker Jaguar Land Rover is offering a new wearable technology that demonstrates what great service means to their consumers.


The automaker revealed its new Android Wear watch application, giving consumers an unprecedented level of control over their vehicles from afar at the Wearable Technology Show 2016, which took place in London March 15-16.  Wearable technology is still comes with some skepticism, but helping to blaze a trail could give Jaguar Land Rover credibility with a tech-savvy crowd.


Wearables reflect a natural desire of ‘first adopter’ consumers to extend the advantages of their digital life,”said Leon Hurst, head of connected and digital car marketing at Jaguar Land Rover. “By expanding our wearable technology offering we are making more convenient than ever before to access your vehicle as well as making the car even more integrated with our increasingly-connected lives.”



How it works


The new Android Wear app will be compatible with all future Jaguar and Land Rover models, as well as current and older models that are fitted with InControl Remote or InControl Protect.


Drivers can use their watches to lock or unlock the door. A friend or family member can enter the car when the owner is not nearby, or can leave the key securely in the vehicle if going swimming, hiking or participating in any other activity in which the key could be lost.

Users will also be able to control the temperature of the car from afar, meaning they never have to get into a freezing vehicle in the middle of winter or a blazing one in the summer, check fuel levels and even the car location.


Mobile Automotive


Mobile devices offer a convenience that consumers now expect in all aspects of their lives. Automakers must find creative ways to integrate mobile technology into the driving experience in a natural and helpful way.



We want to create experiences our customers love for life,” Mr. Hurst said. “Many of our customers have active and connected lifestyles. The car is a prominent role in the Internet of Things and through our Connected Car technologies, we are already bringing the power of the internet into our vehicles enhancing the driving experience.”




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