Mobile Ads Are Taking Precedence In 2015





Mobile ad spend exploded in 2014.  This coming year, advertisers are expected to put the money towards mobile in a huge way.


According to a recent study discussed in eMarketer, “Advertisers are shifting ad dollars to mobile and away from other formats in order to drive customer engagement, reach consumers across platforms, build brand awareness and drive retail or online sales, according to a July 2014 study by Advertiser Perceptions.”



While it makes sense for print and television to be cut, many are surprised to see digital display will have to give up funds for mobile.  Digital has ruled to kingdom for the last five years and with computers only becoming more prevalent, advertisers thought they would remain king.



Research has shown that consumers are actually preferring their mobile devices over their large computers.  Tablets are currently leading the way when it comes to consumer engagement.  This means that stealing some budget from other advertising methods and pushing it towards mobile is only practical and necessary for advertisers who are seeking to engage with consumers and improve return on investment.





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