Reports Says Brands Reaping Big Rewards From Beacon Strategies



Brands are finally starting to see solid results from their investments in beacon strategies, according to a new report out this week.

This success is fueling continued strong industry growth of 20% in the last quarter, based on the estimates of the report authors.


These findings and more are shared in Proxbook, the world’s largest proximity directory, which has brought together brands and retailers, including Elle, House of Blue Jeans, Woolworths and Heineken to reveal the full outcomes of proximity marketing campaigns, including previously unreleased figures, for the first time.


As reported in the past, with little shared information on ROI, it has been a challenge for brands and retailers to allow for marketing budget for proximity technology. “The Q1 2016 Proxbook Report finally sheds light on the issue through several use cases from around the globe,” the report summary counters.


“Proximity marketing is about to explode. Across our 100 use cases in Proxbook, we are now seeing deployments go straight to commercial launch, skipping the pilot phase,” says Thomas Walle, Unacast’s CEO. “The results they’re getting, alongside developments in technology and a maturing industry, are fuelling strong growth.”





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