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If any retail category should go heavy on geo-fenced mobile ads it is the auto category. This report analysis from provides insights into how auto advertisers are finding location powered mobile advertising to be an effective means of driving foot traffic onto auto lots, targeting the “in-market” audiences, and engaging consumers in brand messaging. Here are a few key take-aways from the report:


Tier 2 is the auto sub-category utilizing location powered advertising the most.


To date, location powered advertising, has been primarily embraced by automakers to support regional dealer groups, aka Tier 2 marketers, because of location powered advertising’s proven ability to drive foot & lot traffic. This leaves substantial opportunity for Tier 3 marketers, as only 2% are currently utilizing location powered advertising.





Geo-Fencing and Geo-Conquesting are extremely effective at driving lot traffic.


Analysis shows that for Tier 2 campaigns measured with Geo-Fencing as a significant tactic within the media campaign, the auto campaign’s average foot traffic lift was +295%. Similarly with campaigns as Geo-Conquesting as a significant tactic showed an average lift of +377%.



foot traffic lift



Geo-Fencing and Geo-Conquesting lead to strong ad engagement.


Consumers spend as much time (average 20+ seconds) within secondary “informational” sections of an OEM’s ad creative when on competitive lots as they do when on the OEM’s lots. This means that in-market consumers are engaged and interested prospects, both on-lot and on competitor’s lots.


geo-fence verve




Location-aware creative outperforms non-location creative


Regardless of campaign objectives, “location-aware” advertising creative – that is advertising that utilized some type of location/mapping engagement opportunity in the creative unit – outperformed other creative by 60% for CTR (click through rate) with an average CTR rate of 0.6% – 0.9%.


location aware creative



tier three tactics


tier three creative

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