The Do’s and Don’ts of SMS Marketing


SMS is arguably the best medium marketers can use to reach a vast audience. However, companies need to define a clear call-to-action and offer relevant content in order to drive user engagement and opt-ins.



Marketers are continually looking at different mediums to further engage with consumers and increase sales. Additionally, SMS presents companies with a big opportunity to accomplish these goals.



Driving Opt-Ins


It is important that marketers provide a clear call-to-action. From there, companies should encourage an ongoing dialogue through an opt-in. SMS gives marketers a chance to have a one-on-one relationship with consumers. However, marketers should also remember to not abuse the privilege. Consumers do not want to be bombarded with text messages, especially if they or unsolicited or irrelevant. Additionally, marketers should not send one message and then disappear.


For example, Ford has also done an excellent job of driving leads and conversions by adding an SMS call-to-action to its national print and TV advertisements.


It is a fact that SMS will remain a workhorse for marketers because it is the most effective reach tool and often leads to monetizable, opt-in databases.




Creating Awareness


SMS and MMS marketing can fulfill more than just one stage of the marketing funnel – it can create brand awareness, drive sales, deepen customer engagement, as well as build loyal followers and even promote advocacy. However, many times, marketers run before they can walk and do not take the necessary precautions to make sure their campaign will be successful.


Companies should promote their SMS campaigns as much as possible, calls-to-action in-store, within print, TV and radio advertising, as well as on their Web site and social channels.


Once marketers understand what their customer values, they can create a series of offers based on this information to drive the most opt-ins and redemptions with as few opt-outs as possible. For some clients, this is a discount code sent at a time of day when the customer is most likely to engage. 


Providing a campaign that allows your customers to be a part of your marketing program will strengthen your customers’ loyalty, driving a deeper connection with your customers, ultimately driving sales and return on investment,


We suggest trying a variety of offers to see which one produces the highest ROI. Take advantage of the data that we can provide such as segmentation tools, which allow marketers to test various types of content in one blast, giving a near-instant snapshot of which message and offer receives the greatest number of participants.




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