The Power And Impact Of Interactive Video

Exponential Interactive has just released a new report worth looking into a little further.


In the report — “The Power of Video-Driven Experiences: What Attention, Emotion and Perception Can Tell Us About Good Advertising” — the firm revealed that “interactive video advertisements are significantly more impactful than standard banner and pre-roll video ads.”


The study which was conducted by market research firm EyeSee, examined the effectiveness of interactive video.


“The study compared VDX interactive video ad units to 30-second pre-roll units and standard banner units, focusing on three key KPIs – attention (length of browsing and interaction time), emotion (type of emotion and strength of emotional reaction) and perception (impact on brand lift).,” according to the report summary. “These KPIs were evaluated via eye tracking and interaction rates, facial expression, and surveys, respectively.”


“Interactive video ads are better at seizing attention, provoking emotion, and driving brand impact.”


“Interactive video impacts purchase consideration, (with) 17 percent of users who viewed an interactive pre-roll video ad and 19 percent of users who viewed an interactive rectangular video unit stating they “definitely will” consider purchasing the brand in the future,” the report authors tell us. “That statistic was only 13 percent for the standard pre-roll.”





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