Trends in Mobile for 2013…


Trends in Mobile for 2013…

Olaf Swantee blogged recently about big changes coming our way for mobile communication in 2013.  Here are the three areas Swantee believes will have a big impact on mobile devices:


1. Connectivity:  Moving from 2G to 3G  was a big change in connectivity which allowed mobile users to do more than call and text on their phone.  Now the broad adoption of 4G, specifically 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution), available in 87 countries, will add another layer of speed and capability and trigger an explosion in new mobile services.


2. Form Factors: The Smartphone is becoming the form factor of choice, with the forecast of 1.8 billion Smartphone being shipped this year (IDC).  All the innovative and interesting technologies that are currently being developed leaves a path open for the mobile phone of the future.  The BBC reports on a bendy phone or the augmented reality headsets that are controlled by voice and eye movements in the early prototype of Google Glasses.


3. The Next Billion: In the mobile world, this means the next billion people to get mobile devices,  mainly in developing countries and emerging markets.  As this  number  increases in expands the influence of many groups, and will hasten a truly connected society of the likes never before experienced on the planet.  Third World technological capability will be able leapfrog past the expense of building land line infrastructure through the mass use of the mobile device.  Note: this eventuality may do more to enhance economic development and productivity than any other technology in recent (or perhaps past) history.


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