US Digital Buyers Rely Less On Desktop-Based Research



According to data about transactions made across the Criteo user base in late 2015, mobile’s stake on digital shopping is growing bigger.


eMarketer reports:


“In Q3, Criteo found, 67% of US online buyers who made a purchase via desktop computer primarily used desktop computers to research those purchases. That compared to 22% who relied equally on mobile and the desktop for research, and just 11% who focused more on mobile.”


“By the following quarter, however, the share of desktop-based digital buyers who primarily used only a desktop for research had dropped by 5 percentage points, to 62%. Mobile had gained, both in terms of buyers combining it with the desktop, and using it alone.”


“Q4 2015 data on how buyers researched when they made purchases via mobile device indicated a somewhat more omnichannel experience.”


“Just over half of mobile buyers conducted the whole shopping and buying process on a mobile device, and nearly a third relied on mobile devices as well as PCs for research.”


“Criteo data for the UK indicated buyers there are also warming up to mobile research—though mobile-based research is already significantly more common there than in the US.”



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